The Attributes of Self-Realization

The seeker all desires under control
With deep respect the Master approaches
For that direct knowledge of the One Truth
That wisdom light of liberating Self

The divine Guide in grace gives good counsel
Abide in faith and highest devotion
Attain to Self in profound meditation
From soul-mind to Self to God Absolute

Within light effulgence of heart chakra
Discover that transcendent consciousness
In patience and perseverance aspire
Such blessed state to completely immerse

Purify mind, heart, thoughts and emotions
Renounce desires and discipline ego
Meditate on God without distraction
Liberation with Eternal unite

Seated alone in comfort and quiet
Body and back, head and neck, straight to keep
Worldly thought and relationship renounce
Salute with devotion the teacher guide

With calm serenity in heart lotus
That without beginning, middle or end
Realize That One, of wisdom and bliss
Formless, glorious, one with creation

Creator, preserver and destroyer
Imperishable, all-power, all-life
All that is and all that ever shall be
All-love, all-joy, and the death of all-death

Within seven chakras Om meditate
Destroy limitations and ignorance
Know That Self in all and That all in Self
Gain light within, becoming one with God

To express self, Spirit evolved bodies
Each new life molded by old karmic deeds
Discard psycho-physical consciousness
Attain bliss of unity consciousness

From That is born life, mind and five senses
From That is born five great elements
From That is born all the worlds and all souls
Now remember: That thou art; Thou art That

Know That as the object of enjoyment
Know That is the subject, the enjoyer
Know That is the process of enjoyment
Realize That as freedom from bondage

I am independent of the three states
Witness, knower and pure consciousness
Pure, perfect, tranquil and immortal
Eternal, transcendent Shiva, am I

Subtler than the subtle, greater than the great
The universe of manifold forms
The timeless One of cosmic creation
Eternal, transcendent Shiva, am I

I am the doer with no hands or feet
I need no eyes to see, no ears to hear
I am formless and beyond mind and intellect
Immutable and pure consciousness

All knowledge and wisdom by Self reveal
Self, the revealer of Truth – Self, the Truth
Beyond good, evil, or mind creation
Indestructible, birth-less and formless

In sacred heart, Supreme Self realize
Free from existence and non-existence
Pure and perfect, free from two, three and five
That witness of all, the absolute One.