Emotional selfHealing


2-day Workshop: Freedom from Emotional and Mental Disturbances

Attain Peace of Mind in this Life
Transform emotional energy into healing energy and release emotional traumas
Learn to detach from negativity and achieve harmony and balance


Humanity is swimming in an ocean of emotional energy and have not learned how to deal with difficult emotional problems or guard against toxic emotions. Consequently, we live in an emotionally sick society. Where do emotions come from? What are Methods of dealing with them and consequences of failing to control or change them? Self-control can be practically impossible, sometimes – then what?

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Discharge difficult emotions safely
  • Release emotional toxins from the body
  • Meditation for transforming the emotions
  • Detachment from emotional rollercoaster
  • Letting go of difficult emotions
  • Cleansing of emotional karma & achieving a positive emotional index
  • Achieve harmony, happiness and love