Shakti Healing


1-day Initiation Workshop: 1st level Healing

Heal yourself and others better, faster and more completely


Shakti is the Cosmic Energy which manifests in our microcosm to enliven us as life-force Prana and to transform us as Kundalini. It is the highest creative and healing force in the universe. Learn to harness this Cosmic Energy to heal one-self and others.

Attunement is by initiation into the Healing Shakti Mantra – this enables the descent of the universal healing energy. The Healer is an active gateway to the universal healing energy and can direct the healing power to others through direct hands-on methods or through distance healing methods. Learn to refine specific modes of Shakti energy for specific health problems by accessing the three most powerful forces in our Solar System ? the Sun, Moon and Earth energies. Guidelines for Healers to prepare and protect themselves during the process are given in detail.