Chakra selfHealing


1-day Workshop: Chakra Activation and Healing

Attain Balance and Health in this Life
Eliminate Fatigue and Stress by Activating the Energy Centers
Transform these chakras to facilitate the flow of Kundalini


True healing involves the healing of not only the physical body, but also the energetic, emotional, mental, and causal bodies ? together these bodies form all the aspects of the unenlightened soul. The chakras or energy centers are the dynamic and transformational contacts for all these aspects of existence and the universal source of energy and power. The development of the chakras is critical for health as well as for spiritual evolution. Each chakra has an optimum rate of vibration in relation to the Universal Life Force, as well as to other chakras.

The student’s chakras will first be activated by Shakti transmission, followed by a Chakra Puja done to enhance and protect the chakras of the participants. Next, the techniques for tuning and balancing each chakra are explained. After balance is achieved, then the student will practice techniques for rejuvenating the physical body, energizing the astral energy body, detoxifying the emotional body and transforming the mental body. Finally, the students will be initiated into the advanced Chakra Bhutashuddhi Kriya.