Breathe Better


1-day Workshop: Breath Better, Live Longer
Live a life protected from stress and ill-health


Life Force or Prana is that which enlivens our bodies ? without it, we become diseased and die. Although prana is not in chemical or physical form, it can be absorbed, stored and converted into forms that heal and power the physical body.

The Yogis of India have developed and taught powerful, simple and beneficial practices which enable the control and expansion of the life-force in the breath, to rejuvenate the body and transform our emotional, mental and spiritual being.In this workshop, you will learn advanced techniques to safely and gradually increase the body’s capacity to absorb life-force, by first purifying the energy and physical bodies. Then the energy channels are cleansed and expanded to enable the passage of larger amounts of life-force. Then the keys to absorb, store, transform and distribute prana are revealed. A forty-five minute life-enhancing and integrated practice is provided for student to utilize the principles and techniques from the workshop.