Kundalini Yoga


2-day Workshop: Higher Consciousness

Harness your hidden potential and actualize your Divinity


Kundalini is our personal spark of the universal creative matrix or Godessence. It is dormant in the 1st spinal energy center in the perineum of our subtle body. The goal of Kundalini Yoga is to a awaken our innate power and to raise it from the 1st energy center all the way to the 7th energy center in the crown. In the process of awakening and raising the kundalini, all the 7 energy centers are activated providing an unimaginable boost in the energy levels of the one awakened, together with a series of expansions in consciousness.A cleansing of the subtle energy channels is necessary for the raising of kundalini. The raising of kundalini is an ancient science of India and is safe when properly guided. Kundalini Yoga is a powerful system utilizing strong physical exertion. Learn to awaken and raise your kundalini through an integrated system of postures, breathing techniques, visualizations, meditations and mantras.